About Us

S3 Technologies has been in the business of providing solutions for construction and building material for more than two decades. We add value by providing innovative products that are easy to use, stable and fulfill the cost dimension of the construction industry without compromising technical performance. Our notable achievements include:

  • Fast setting mortars
  • Flexible cementitious membranes
  • Low-exothermic epoxy grout
  • Integral waterproofing systems
  • Epoxy screed/cementitious flooring
  • Patching & repair mortars
  • Surface treatments and floor hardener
  • Wall and floor texture concrete

Our team of dedicated chemical engineers and researchers continuously research and develop new products complementing current industry needs and application techniques. As specific countries may have their own requirements, we have many country specific formulations as well. We pride ourselves on delivering world class standard performance products, customer service and support.

S3 Technologies, formerly members of the SsangYong Singapore group, have close to 30 years of history. Our core business is in the manufacture and distribution of construction, building and fireproofing material.

A full fledged solution provider, S3 with a team of dedicated researchers at the forefront of construction chemical technology, strongly believes in continuous research and development. With a proven track record and a well-regarded brand name, S3 has always been a leader in development of smart products that meet the complex requirements of the construction industry, without compromising technical performance. This particularly crucial as the construction industry evolves to be smarter, more efficient and technically rigorous in its approach. We aim to provide Smart Solutions for the future.

Starting from Singapore, S3 has spread her wings into the Asia-Pacific region with manufacturing and marketing arms in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Indochina. Along with numerous collaborations with overseas entities, S3 is always forthcoming in venturing into construction and related businesses.

We take pride in providing innovative, high value added products and solutions that drive the construction industry forward to meet new challenges. As a cohesive group, S3 is well positioned to grow its market share all over the region.


Dedication to the highest quality of reliable construction building materials, value adding to the building community and achieving a sustainable future together.


Our core business is in the manufacturing and distribution of dry-mix and construction chemicals for use in building industry.  We take pride in providing innovative, high value-added products and complete solutions that drives the construction industry forward.

All S3 Technologies products are manufactured under strict regulations and conforms to many regional standards. S3 Technologies is a firm believer in sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing process and is certified  ISO : 14001:2015 for effective environmental management system (EMS).