Acrylic Based Waterproof Membrane

SmartSeal WB

Flexible Acrylic Waterproofing
SmartSeal WB is a one pack, non-hazardous, liquid applied membrane of pure acrylic polymer which is tough, durable and excellent in weather resistance. It provides a seamless membrane for application on roof and all waterproofing and exposed areas of a building. It can be also used vertically and horizontal over concrete, block, brick, cement render fibrous cement sheets, plasterboard, tile underlay, metal sheets and many other sound surfaces.

● Bathroom and Shower Trays
● Laundries
● Perimeter Flashings
● Planter Boxes
● Garden Beds
● Sill and Window Flashing
● Plant Room Floors
● Retaining walls
● Water Features
● Basement Tanking
● Podium Slabs and Roof Decks

● It can withstand foot traffic and light – wheeled traffic.
● Resistance to diluted chemicals such as acids, oils, detergents, alcohols etc.
● Single pack, does not require mixing.
● Homogeneous waterproof barrier with no laps, joints or overflashing.
● No lingering objectionable solvent or chemical smell.
● Will not deteriorate or discolour if exposed to external weathering.
● Adheres tightly to all metal and concrete surfaces and accepts all suitable premium quality adhesives.
● It can bridge all hairline and minor crack.
● Will not re-emulsify or deteriorate in constantly wet conditions.

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