Bonding Agent

SmartBond AN

Acrylic Bonding Agent

SmartBond AN is a single component, milky emulsion consisting of modified acrylic type resin and is used as a bonding agent. As part of a complete concrete repair system, SmartBond AN is excellent for both internal and external applications. SmartBond AN can also be used as a liquid additive for cement mixes to enhance the physical properties and allow for better workability and resistance to weather conditions.


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    • Overhead and vertical repairs
    • Primer for concrete repair systems
    • Flooring with higher wear resistance
    • Mechanical key for rendering on dense, strong or smooth substrates such as concrete



    • Easy application
    • Good bonding strength
    • Cost effective
    • Long open time
    • Used as a curing membrane
    • Used as an additive for cementitious mixes


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