Concrete Admixtures

SmartMix D

Water Reducing / Set Retarding Admixture
SmartMix D is a liquid water-reducing and set retarding admixture for concrete. It contains modified linosulphonates and has been formulated to give optimum performance in reducing water and controlling setting time of concrete.

SmartMix D does not contain chloride or other potentially corroding materials. Therefore, it may be used in pre-stressed concrete or in the presence of aluminium or zinc items. SmartMix D is non-staining and can be used in architectural concrete without fear of discoloration. It is compatible with air-entraining agents and waterproofers but they must be added separately to the mix.

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    ● Control setting time
    ● Reduce water

    Plastic Concrete
    ● Control rate of set
    ● Improves finish ability
    ● Improves workability
    ● Reduces water requirements
    ● Reduces segregation

    Hardened Concrete
    ● Increase strength
    ● Improves finished appearance
    ● Reduces cracking
    ● Reduces permeability

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SmartMix F

High Range Water Reducing Admixture
SmartMix F is a non-retarding, high range water- reducing admixture for concrete. It contains modified naphthalene sulphonate polymers. It may be added to the concrete at the job site or at the ready mix concrete plant for maximum ease of use. No chlorides are used in its formulation; consequently it is recommended for pre-stressed concrete. It is also compatible with air- entraining agents, waterproofing agents and many other admixtures. However, each material should be added to the concrete separately. SmartMix F can produce highly fluid, self-levelling concrete requiring little or no compaction during placing. With a high water reduction capability, SmartMix F reduces permeability and accelerates early strength gain.

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    ● High performance concrete
    ● Low water / cement ratio concrete
    ● High slump, flowable concrete

    ● Substantial cement savings are possible without strength or workability loss.
    ● When used as a superplasticizer, litter or no compaction needed.
    ● When used as a water reducer without cement reduction, it increases the early age strength by up to 100% at 24 hours.
    ● Reduces water requirements thereby reducing porosity and permeability.
    ● Reduces segregation and gives improved surface finish.
    ● Increased workability and cohesion, aids pumping by reducing line friction.

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SmartMix G

High Range Water Reducing / Retarding Admixture
SmartMix G is a fourth generation admixture formulated specifically to extend the working time of flowing concrete for hot weather construction. At normal dosage rates, SmartMix G complies with the parameters of ASTM C494 Type G admixture. SmartMix G has been formulated without any added chlorides.

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    ● High performance concrete
    ● Watertight concrete
    ● High slump, flowable concrete

    ● Produces “flowing” concrete with controlled delay of slump loss and workability.
    ● Reduces water requirement by up to 35%
    ● Reduces segregation & bleeding in the plastic concrete
    ● Reduces cracking and permeability of hardened concrete
    ● Reduces concrete placement time and cost
    ● Increase compressive and flexural strength by up to 30%

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