Dam Plug


Rapid Set Hydraulic Mortar

SmartPlug is an extremely fast-setting hydraulic mortar designed to plug cracks and openings in all types of concrete and masonry surfaces, even in the presence of running water. It is also effective for stopping water seepage from joints which are subjected to hydro-static water pressure. SmartPlug is ready for use and requires only addition of water before plugging and sealing cracks. It provides instantaneous strength within 1 minute.


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    For the rapid patching and plugging of :

    • Watertight coves at walls / floor junctions
    • Concrete pipes, tanks, lift pits, sewerage systems and more



    • Rapid setting in about 1 minute
    • Stop leaks quickly
    • Easy to use (with the addition of only water)
    • Chloride free
    • Durable and dimensionally stable

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