Epoxy Toppings

SmartEpoxy CQ

Solvent-Free Heavy-Duty Colored Quartz Screed
SmartEpoxy CQ is a solvent free heavy-duty colored quartz screed designed for a very wide range of floor applications requiring a strong and decorative finish.

It consists of specially formulated epoxy resins with specially selected and graded colored quartz aggregates to provide a screed 4 – 6mm thick with excellent physical properties; chemical and abrasive resistance; and a very easily maintained aesthetic finish.

The finished screed provides a liquid impermeable finish that has good slip resistant qualities with a comprehensive range of chemical resistance.

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    ● Showrooms and lobbies
    ● Food centers and kitchens
    ● Washing and wet areas
    ● Swimming pool surrounds
    ● Factories and warehouse
    ● Loading and unloading bays
    ● Heavily used corridors
    ● Workshop and depots

    ● Excellent chemical resistance
    ● Excellent abrasion resistance
    ● Excellent bonding to substrate
    ● Aesthetic and decorative finish
    ● Liquid and salt impermeable finish
    ● Easy cleaning and maintenance

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SmartEpoxy SL

Self-Levelling Epoxy Topping
SmartEpoxy SL is a pigmented epoxy resin-hardener flooring system. Due to the low viscosity property, the resin-hardener mixture levels itself to form a seamless hard-wearing and attractive floor topping which is chemical resistant, impervious and extremely easy to maintain. SmartEpoxy SL is available in a wide variety of colours to suit the specific requirement of architects and facility owners.

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    ● SmartEpoxy SL is typically used to enhance, beautify and protect floors.
    ● It is the ideal material for industrial and commercial locations where a hard wearing, hygienic and dust free environment is important.
    ● Some of the common locations where SmartEpoxy SL is highly recommended are laboratories, hospitals, chemical plants, electronic and electrical factories, showrooms food and pharmaceutical factories, assemble plants and exhibition halls.

    ● Seamless – prevents ingress of chemicals into the substrate and bacterial growth.
    ● Attractive – provides a very smooth and aesthetic surface in wide range of colours.
    ● Easy house-keeping – extremely easy to maintain.
    ● Hard wearing – exhibits excellent abrasion resistance for foot and light vehicular traffic.
    ● Low odour – no strong unbearable odour.
    ● Chemical resistant – very good resistance to many industrial chemicals.
    ● Environmental friendly – zero VOC content.

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SmartEpoxy Screed

Heavy Duty Epoxy Based Floor Screed
SmartEpoxy Screed is a three pack solvent free 4-6mm epoxy screed with either natural silica or coloured quartz and available in a range of colours.

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    To provide a heavy duty, chemical resistance and hard wearing floor finish. Typical areas for use are wet and dry process areas where the floor is subjected to heavy traffic, impact and chemical spills.

    ● Seamless & hygienic finish when sealed, no crevices where dirt and bacteria can dwell
    ● Excellent chemical resistant to sugar & acids
    ● Easy to clean & sterilize, low maintenance requirement.
    ● Non slip finish
    ● High abrasion resistance
    ● Solvent free; low odour

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