Grout Admixtures

SmartGrout Aid

Grout Admixture
SmartGrout Aid is a powder admixture which can be used for making neat cementitious grouts. It comprises a water reducing / plasticising agent and a gas producing expansion medium. SmartGrout Aid reduces the mixing water required without affecting the grout’s fluidity. The expansion medium counteracts the natural settlement and plastic shrinkage of the grout and aids in stability and cohesion. The grout also develops sufficient restrained expansion to ensure a high degree of inter-facial contact.

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    • Grouting joints of precast concrete members
    • Non-shrink infilling and jointing
    • Grouting of post-tension cable ducts
    • Repair of honeycomb and void-filled concrete structures
    • Bed grouting


    Reduced amount of mixing water :

    • Higher strength
    • Higher fluidity
    • Lower permeability
    • Reduced bleeding


    Positive expansion :

    • Reduced plastic shrinkage
    • Compensates for grout settlement

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