Hardening Toppings

SmartHard Super Top

Heavy-Duty Metallic Floor Topping

SmartHard Super Top is a metallic floor topping specially designed to provide a heavy-duty wearing surface. It consists of cement, chemical agents and clean, graded iron aggregates.

SmartHard Super Top is suited for use in high impact and high abrasion conditions. It provides excellent surface durability for critical floor areas that cannot be closed for repairs easily or economically.

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    • Incineration plants
    • Main, high traffic aisle ways
    • Industrial floors
    • Warehouses
    • Loading docks
    • Maintenance garages



    • Extremely high strength
    • High abrasion / impact resistance
    • Iron aggregate is free of rust, oil and non-ferrous materials
    • Dense surface resists penetration of oil, grease and many other liquids
    • Virtually non-dusting throughout service life
    • Economical to own over the life of the floor


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