Hydro-swelling Water-stop

SmartTite DS

Hydro-swelling Water-stop

SmartTite DS is a hydro-swelling water-stop which seals construction joints effectively. The principle component of SmartTite DS is sodium bentonite; a material which swells in the presence of water. SmartTite DS is installed as a rubbery strip in the center of construction joints. Water which enters the joint will cause SmartTite DS to swell. The swelling pressure of SmartTite DS seals any cracks and voids in the joint effectively.

SmartTite DS is a delayed swelling grade which achieves full expansion after 3 to 5 days of continuous immersion in water. It is used to prevent premature swelling where rain and wet site conditions may cause SmartTite DS to expand before casting of the joint is completed.


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    • Construction and cold joints
    • Around pipe penetrations
    • Around king posts or H-pipes



    • Flexible strip which makes it ideal for corners and curved surfaces
    • Simple and labour-saving installation

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