Joint Mortar

SmartGrip ALC

Lightweight Block Joint Adhesive

SmartGrip ALC is a cementitious, polymer modified joint adhesive for lightweight block. It is specially formulated to provide excellent bonding between lightweight blocks at a bedding thickness of 2 – 4 mm. It is easy to apply with just the addition of water.

SmartGrip ALC is specially designed to overcome on-site mixing problems:

  • Inconsistent mixing proportions
  • Dependence on skilled laborers
  • Time consuming
  • Labor intensive
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    SmartGrip ALC is used as a joint adhesive for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) lightweight blocks and panels in the construction of non-load bearing walls and structures.



    • High bonding strength
    • Consistent quality from factory
    • Excellent workability
    • Long pot life
    • Improved durability
    • Increased productivity
    • Easy to use (No pre-wetting of joint surfaces required)


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SmartGrip JC

Non-Shrink Jointing Compound for Panel System

SmartGrip JC is a pre-packed single component cementitious jointing grout, it is non-shrink and chloride-free, consists of graded sand, cement and chemical additives. It is ideal for in-situ connection by hand or tools and for small patch repairs.

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    • Wall panel joint mortar
    • Filling and repair of gaps, tie holes in concrete



    • Non-shrink
    • Chloride free
    • Good workability
    • Pre-packed which gives ease of usage during mixing and minimizes errors of on-site blending (e.g use of grout aid)
    • Suitable for both interior and exterior applications


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