Surface Accelerator & Retarder


Low Shrinkage Accelerator
SmartSet is a low shrinkage accelerator for concrete or mortar, which acts as a catalyst and produce high early strength concrete. Is reduce the water cement ratio, increases durability and improves workability.

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    ● High strength concrete patches
    ● Hard wearing toppings
    ● Dry pack mortar
    ● Fast setting grout

    ● Provides high early and ultimate strength
    ● Earlier removal of form
    ● Reduces cracking by minimizing plastic shrinkage

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Concrete Surface Retarder
SmartCSR is a chemical formulation which retards, but does not “kill” the set of the mortar at the surface of the concrete. It contains organic agents which react with the calcium, magnesium and aluminate ions of the cement to slow the curing cycle and thus allow the surface mortar to remain workable for a longer time. It is used to create expose aggregate surface architecturally, and to roughen the concrete surface at horizontal joints improve bonding of the concrete.

SmartCSR is available in 2 grades :
● SmartCSR S : surface grade, for application on fresh, horizontal concrete surfaces.
● SmartCSR F : formwork grade, for direct application on forms.

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    Concrete Surface Retarders are used to create exposed aggregate surfaces on precast panels or slabs for architectural beauty, to roughen concrete walls for improved bonding of waterproofing or plastering and to expose walkways, curbs and roadway surfaces for both architectural and slip resistant purposes.

    ● Safe to use and easy to apply
    ● Works quickly and effectively
    ● Provides up to 7mm depth retardation
    ● Reduces cost for preparing the surface for waterproofing, stucco or plaster application
    ● Eliminates need for sandblasting.

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