Vicolite C5

Vicolite C5

Vermiculite-based Insulating Lightweight Mortar

Vicolite C5 is specially designed for use in a variety of situations where either insulation or lightweight properties is sought. It can be used as an insulating screed, having lightweight properties, on reinforced concrete roofs.

It is conveniently pre-packed in the factory into bags for hassle-free application at site. Simply add water, mix to consistency and the product is ready to be laid.

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    Roof Insulation
    Vicolite C5 is the perfect solution for lightweight roof insulation, with its low “K” value, low density, physical stability and ease of application. Moreover Vicolite C5 can be laid to fall.

    Raised Floors
    Its low density allows structural engineers to raise existing floors without increasing the structural members.

    Sound Insulation
    Vicolite C5 is also naturally sound absorbent. The numerous applications of Vicolite C5 for sound absorption include infill between panels, casting on metal decking of roof or floors, bridging up gaps between walls and support beams or columns.



    Factory Controlled Quality
    Under stringent factory quality control, Vicolite C5 is assured of its properties which meet tomorrow’s building standards.

    Lightweight Concrete Supplied In Bags
    As a lightweight concrete, it comes pre-packed in bags. The weight of Vicolite C5 is way below that of traditional cement sand screed, allowing for lighter roofs and overall building structural weight.

    Easy Application
    Simply add water, mix and the product is ready to be laid on the site.

    Physical Stability
    Vicolite C5 is extremely stable both physically and chemically over a wide range of temperatures.

    Thermal Insulation
    The low “K” value of Vicolite C5 provides the necessary insulation against transfer of heat into a building, resulting in comfort and reduced air conditioning costs.

    Versatility And Flexibility In Design
    Application of Vicolite C5 can be laid to fall, in the form of precast blocks or panels at the site without sacrificing any of its properties.

    Manufacture To Specification
    Our versatile manufacturing process allows production to be designed to match particular specification, such as density, strength etc.



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