Waterproofing Screed

SmartScreed WP

Waterproof Floor Screed

SmartScreed WP is a pre-packed cementitious water-proof floor screed powder. It consists of specially selected cement, graded quartz sand and water-proofing additives.

SmartScreed WP mortar is suitable for all new or old concrete substrate such as void decks, basement or any concrete substrate deemed necessary. When it is fully cured, SmartScreed WP serves as a strong and durable waterproof screed.

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    • Bathroom and toilets
    • Kitchens
    • Balconies
    • Basements and lift pits



    • Durable water-proof screed
    • Shrinkage compensated
    • One component (easy usage with the addition of only water)
    • Good workability
    • Weather resistant


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